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Petrapiece by Hoonie Feltham

July 18, 2009

Originally uploaded by Karnataka10

“This is a piece I made in 2007 and exhibited in an Art Show in Oxford, England that year.
It reflects my response to a visit to the World Heritage site of Petra in Jordan. Petra was built by the Nabbateans around 2000 years ago in a long, deep gorge in a mountain range. The buildings are shallow, mainly one room deep, carved into the sandstone rock face. People may remember the scene of an extraordinary building in Raiders of the Lost Arc. That is the main building facing you as you walk down the ‘siq’ (gorge).
2000 years has caused the sandstone to weather into highly colourful lines of pinks and purples which I have tried to replicate in my piece.
The embroidery of the weathered sandstone is placed between two pieces of dupion silk onto which I have machine embroidered the ziggurat shapes carved onto the faces of most of the buildings in Petra.
The piece sold from that exhibition.”

–Hoonie Feltham