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Mama Merit Badges

January 29, 2011

Mama merit badges: cute. What a great idea, I wish I’d thought of it.

Breastfeeding Female Merit Badge by Mary Yaeger

Breastfeeding Female Merit Badge by Mary Yaeger

Actually, about a year ago I tried out commercially producing some other types of badges for moms and kids, like

Merit Badge A New Pea in the Pod! by Mary Yaeger

A New Pea in the Pod! by Mary Yaeger

A badge for celebrating a new child, that can be customized with name and birth date.

New Patch: Foursquare Merit Badge

June 16, 2010

foursquare merit badge

Before Breakfast: A Merit Badge Inspired by Lynda Barry

May 18, 2009


I stitched this patch before breakfast this morning. I’m reading Lynda Barry‘s What It Is.

Merit Badges at Gallery Hanahou

January 28, 2009

Here are my three merit badges for the show at Gallery Hanahou:

If I Only Had a Brain

If I Only Had a Brain

If I Only Had a Brain

If I Only Had a Heart


If I Only Had Some Guts

Embroidery Show at Gallery Hanahou

January 28, 2009

The Forget Me-Not embroidery show at Gallery Hanahou in SOHO opens Feb. 6.


Recently Commissioned Merit Badges

September 16, 2007

When Shelley Savage Caw turned 40, her family decided that my merit badges would be a great way to help her celebrate. I created these two pieces:



Shelley’s Grey Hair:

Shelley’s Grey Hair

for a woman with one of the loveliest heads of salt-and-pepper hair I’ve seen. Thanks to the Savage family for thinking of this one.

In 2006, I was asked to create a hysterectomy merit badge. At the time I couldn’t believe that I had never thought of this one, but it was in fact missing from my series of merit badges. I intend to include every significant event that could be seen as a female rite of passage, and will continue to create images like this. I appreciate being reminded that there are many life events that deserve to be celebrated or commemorated through my work. Here is Hysterectomy, stitched in 2006:


Pablo’s Baby

September 15, 2007

Here is my latest embroidery, Pablo’s Baby:

Pablo’s Baby

This is embroidery #2 in what will be a series of images depicting the babies of some well-known painters.

Newest Merit Badges on Display at the Warneford

May 7, 2007

Thanks to Carolyn Guillot, I have my first art exhibit in Oxford, albeit very informal. Six of my series of “pressure point” merit badges will be on display at a group show in the Psychiatry Department’s Common Room, Warneford Hospital, through mid-June.

The images are framed in two’s:

Migraine Pain and Frown Lines:

Migraine and Frown Lines

Ovaries and Brain:

Ovaries and Brain

Brain (different view) and Intestines:

Brain and Intestines

Menopausal symptoms, such as depression, migraines and IBS, are caused by hormonal changes that interact with the brain and other organs in the body. This is just a representative example, or my “favorites.” I haven’t stitched a TMJ or hypothyroidism patch yet, or a host of other related conditions, but there are so many possibilities. I love browsing the health and beauty web sites, and always look for pamphlets in doctors’ offices to add to my research files. I have way more material than I can stitch, and there are other subjects I’m just as interested in, but I do find medical conditions fascinating.