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National Craft Month on Michaels: Craft Master Contest

March 2, 2012

National Craft Month Logo









Michaels kicked off National Craft Month with a Project Runway-style competition called “Craft Masters.” Hint: you have to scroll down a little—I guess Michaels doesn’t worry about the “above the fold” rule.,default,pg.html

I enjoyed the short video, and no commercials. It’s nice to know that opinion is just as subjective in craft design as it is in fashion and the other arts. The work one judge considered “a little disconnected” and lacking in a focal point ended up winning the contest.
What I couldn’t figure out (and I watched the video repeatedly to verify this) was where the winning piece used  the “mystery item,” a topiary. Was it the stick?

Katie Hacker at the Beadalon Booth, CHA Winter 2012

February 22, 2012

Katie Hacker, Beadalon Designer and host of ‘Beads, Baubles & Jewels’ TV show, demonstrates techniques from her just-published book Live Wire Jewelry: Make Colorful Designs That Shine (North Light, 2012).  During a lull in the booth buzz, I took the opportunity to ask Katie for tips on getting published. I was gifted with “Katie Hacker’s Ten-minute Talk on How to Propose a Book,” which will appear soon in another Stabbed! blog post.

Katie Hacker at the Beadalon Booth at CHA Winter 2012












McCalls pattern for stuffed animals from 1936

August 15, 2011

Probably in the mid-70’s, when I was sewing many of my own clothes, I bought some vintage patterns, including this 1936 McCall’s pattern for stuffed animals:

McCalls printed pattern for stuffed animals, 1936

McCalls printed pattern for stuffed animals, 1936

In all these years I never opened or examined this pattern, but I wanted to make some stuffed animals and thought these would work for my purposes. Upon opening the packet, I discovered that one piece had been carefully pinned to a pretty calico fabric, which is still crisp and colorful:

Calico fabric, probably from 1936

It gave me a little thrill, to connect with this hand from the past, but there is only one piece cut out, the “Under Body” of a giraffe. What happened? No other tissue pieces have been cut into, and no other fabric is in the envelope. It would be too early for a frustrated sewer to give up; there are no fabric scraps and not a single other tissue piece assembled. There is just one piece was folded up and tucked back away into the pattern envelope, that’s it.

Pattern Piece for Giraffe Under Body

pattern pinned to fabric

Stuffed animal, interrupted.

You Turkey

November 25, 2010
Beaded Turkey

A Beaded Turkey Pin for Thanksgiving

Beadwork Magazine Pattern Play Challenge 2009

June 2, 2010

Here’s the piece I designed as a dress yoke for the 2009 Beadwork Magazine Pattern Play Challenge

Dress Yoke Patter Play Challenge Beadwork Magazine

Dress Yoke Patter Play Challenge Beadwork Magazine

The entries are listed on Beadwork magazine’s Facebook page:

Here’s the Fossil handbag that was my inspiration. I love how the printed patterns overlap, and the pretty sherbert colors

Fossile handbag with pastel flora print

Fossile handbag with pastel flora print

Beadwork is running the contest again this year. The magazine says there’s a link somewhere in the contests section of beadingdaily, but I couldn’t find it so you’re on your own.

OrangePiel Custom Window Shades and Large Scale Canvas Prints

May 14, 2010

I love this concept, especially since we need some window coverings and don’t have any large scale art for the walls in our new house. I always go for multipurpose design.

Orange Piel

I can’t wait to try it out, playing with ideas for a fun border that shows when the rest of the shade is pulled up. Or whatever works.