3Doodler by Wobble Works: Petroleum Products

The 3Doodler is a fancy glue gun. Plastic is a petroleum-based product, but oh how cool to instantly make 3D objects! Like every other kid-at-heart, I got very excited about 3D printers; now there’s a goo-spewing pen that instantly cools the glue and you can paint with it, and no computer required.

BUT, aren’t WE (earthlings) trying to use less plastic in the 21st century? Is this a green product? Where does the plastic come from, and where is it going? To find some answers, I sent this message to the WobbleWorks folks:

Subject: Kickstarter and 3Doodler: Please tell me about the plastics you are using

Dear WobbleWorks,

Congratulations, you have made your goal. I recognize and value your innovation and capabilities.

It’s all so cool, everyone will want it. But we earthlings need to use less plastics, not more. Tell me about any and all aspects of environmental impact and sustainability that you have considered in the development of this product. Is this a viable product as we face the struggle to control petroleum availability and its looming scarcity?

Thank you.

Mary Yaeger


FYI, WobbleWorks asked for $30K and got $2M-plus, one of the most successful kickstarter projects ever. When I get an answer to my questions I will post them here and on Facebook.

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