New Patch: Foursquare Merit Badge

foursquare merit badge

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2 Responses to “New Patch: Foursquare Merit Badge”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Hi, I found your blog because I was searching for merit badges. I want to make custom badges for a ridiculous project I’m undertaking (merit badges for horses; creating a little “Horse Scout Association” of sorts). I LOVE your badges, and all your embroidery for that matter. I’m curious about the base for your badges — did you make the patch itself? Like with an embroidery machine? Or did you buy the blank patches somewhere? I’m looking for blank badges to buy to hand embroider onto, but I haven’t found blank badges as cute as the ones you’re using! I’d love to know where you found these, if you did buy them.

    • animary Says:

      Jessica, I’m so glad you’re creating your own merit badges! Please send me an image and I’ll post it on Stabbed!

      Try stadri emblems ( for blank patches. They provide a range of fabric colors and threads. Or try stabilizing fabric of your choice, sealing the raw edges and hand embroidering with blanket stitch. If you’re machine embroidering there are lots more options if you have computer, embroidery machine, etc.

      The “merrowed” borders made on commercial patches require a special machine made by The Merrow Company, patent-protected for generations in spite of new technology. It’s just that the only way to finish and trim the fabric in one step is to do each patch manually. So you find a company that provides this service or buy a merrowing machine and try it yourself.

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