Not so sure about “not counted or crossed.” after-school programs for teens

I’m taking a second look at my “policy” about “no needlepoint here.” Actually, I love needlepoint, and would love to stitch a high-quality William Morris/Henry Dearle kit, like The Forest. I think these kits by Beth Russell are so tempting, but God forbid that I, a trained designer and artist should stoop to buying one, no matter how lovely they are. The whole William Morris and arts and crafts thing is one of my passions, so I have been sneaking around the designs, trying to adapt them in some way to my purposes.

I’m currently seeking to get involved in some kind of after-school program for teens that involves craft, and one of the first things that came to mind was needlepoint. I think this was because I remember how comforting and trouble-freeing it was to do when I was that age. I would come home from school and just sit for an hour or two, completely absorbed but in a mindless, pleasurable way. It was relief from all the confusion and anxiety of that time.

So I’m saying, bring on any craft project, preferably not messy, so it can be done anywhere, that will be fun for teens and parents to do, together. I’d like to open up this space to that.

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