“Stroud in Stitches” Exhibition and Sale

I hope the exhibition of the Stroud Embroiderers Guild is as strong as their promotional pictures. I especially like the work here of Ann Vick. [via Beadworkers Guild of GB]


3 Responses to ““Stroud in Stitches” Exhibition and Sale”

  1. tenar72 Says:

    Thanks for pointing me to this website, I spend hours browsing it. So much inspiration there!


  2. Janet Rich Says:

    So glad you likes our Exhibition. We have had visitors from all over the world. The latest from just outside Paris. We are open until Sunday 24th June in case you would like to make the journey.

    The promotional pictures are only a small percentage of work on show and the range of skills for such a small group is vast.

  3. Ann Vick Says:

    Thank you for your kind comments
    We have had visitors fron Japan, Russia and the United States as well as all over the UK
    I am so proud of all the hard work that has gone into our exhibition and the beautiful work that has been produced

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