Alzheimers Plaques from “Designs for Life”

Alzheimers Plaques

The following text is displayed with this panel from “Designs for Life“:

“Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects nerve cells in the brain. Scientists have identified microscopic structures in the brains of sufferers called ‘plaques.’ This panel shows four plaques which are formed when clumps of protein accumulate around nerve cells. The embroidery around the plaques reflects the symptoms of the disease notably confusion,loss of memory and agitation.”

This panel was created by the Stoke Lyne and Bucknell chapters of the Womens Institute.



2 Responses to “Alzheimers Plaques from “Designs for Life””

  1. Maninas Says:

    Again, another amazing entry. Very interesting.

  2. Alzheimer Says:



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