Denise Perreault’s Fabulous Glass Tile Curtain

Denise Perreault has created yet another beautiful window adornment, this time from vitreous glass tiles:

Glass Tile Curtain

Tara’s Tiles, 2007

By Denise Perreault of Boulder, Colorado
Dimensions: 88″ wide by 28″ long
Materials: 1300 1/2″ square Italian and Chinese transparent architectural tiles in 26 colors; 1800 4mm Swarovski crystals; size 11 rainbow topaz glass seed beads; and large cut crystals, on brass rod
Time to complete: over 1 year

Detail from Tara’s Tiles

(click detail to enlarge)

Denise loves to take on “large scale [projects] with small beads,” and wrote an article with that title and subject in the May/June 2000 Beadwork. She is skilled with a number of weaving techniques, but in this case she square-stitched a bezel in two-drop ladder stitch around each and every tile. She used 5 pound test monofilament to string and attach all components to the brass rod

More stunning glass curtains by Denise Perreault

6 Responses to “Denise Perreault’s Fabulous Glass Tile Curtain”

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  3. RubyShooZ Says:

    OH! That is beautiful and just defies words for me. I’ve seen some work like this in person but it was a lamp cover at the time I saw it. (It might have grown into a curtain, I don’t know)

    Thank you so much for sharing this photo. I’m off to look at more of her work.

    Peace, love and beauty in your life today.

  4. 2010 in review « Stabbed! Says:

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  5. Calea Says:

    Stunning! Really gorgeous – I have a question: how do you string the individual tiles to the crystals. I can’t quite make it out.

    I can understand it each tile already had holes drilled through or if they had a groove around the outside all the way around.

    I’d love to know how you strung them together. Oh – How much does the curtain weigh?

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