Scutelliphily: Patch or Badge Collecting

Scutelliphily: apparently this is a real word, or at least it’s listed in wikipedia. I’d never heard of it, but sharonb’s inaminuteago has this interesting post about patch collectors, aka scutelliphily.

Sometimes it seems like I can’t catch up with the world, but if it weren’t for all those scutelliphists I followed around, there might never have been any Female Merit Badges.

Female Merit Badges

2 Responses to “Scutelliphily: Patch or Badge Collecting”

  1. chickenbetty Says:

    I’m lurving those granny panties, the pill and the goddess. Have you made all of these? Do you have an Etsy shop? or somewhere else that a girl might buy these patches or a pattern for some?

  2. animary Says:

    Glad you like the badges. The images are all hand-embroidered, usually on a commercial patch blank. I do commissions quite often at about $150-300 each.

    What a great idea to sell patterns, but I don’t do that at this time.

    I have a poster that I sell at, but I’m having take the orders for them right now, so contact them if you’re interested.

    Etsy is very cool but I haven’t looked into it. I do ebay occasionally.

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